Do You Need to Change Your Air Filter in the Winter?

Winter is a time when HVAC filters need to be inspected and replaced more often than usual. As a general rule, you should change your air filter at least once every three months, but during the winter, it's best to change it every month. If you use high-end pleated filters, they should be changed every six months. To ensure that your HVAC filter efficiently removes allergens from indoor air, you should replace it frequently during the winter months.

The filter must undergo a quick visual inspection every month, winter or summer. If the filter does not appear dusty, clogged or damaged, most experts agree that the replacement of the air filter during the winter heating season can be done every three months. However, changing the filter in summer should definitely be a regular monthly event. If you have indoor pets or family members with allergies, you may need to change your air filter more often.

Note that all filters, regardless of MERV rating, may need to be replaced more frequently during the winter months due to increased system usage. Before choosing a filter, check the markings on the old filter and the instructions in your oven's owner's manual to make sure you have the correct model for your system. The MERV rating of a filter ranges from 1 to 16, although MERV 13 is usually the highest rating suitable for use with residential HVAC systems, since using a filter that is too powerful could block airflow and strain the system. Replacing your oven filter regularly is a good idea because it keeps your HVAC system and indoor air safe and healthy. Even after the weather turns cold and winter settles, maintain an air filter change schedule at least every three months.

Doing so ensures that your oven stays clean and runs smoothly when you need it most. Although HVAC filters are easy to replace, ignoring them can negatively affect the efficiency of your heating system. Changing the filter during the winter is the best way to keep indoor air fresh and reduce the risk of winter illnesses.

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